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Sustainability Consultancy

Helping businesses become more sustainable

The Sustainability Partnership


We are a sustainability consultancy helping small and medium sized businesses become more environmentally responsible with bespoke solutions and practical ideas. Many businesses have enough to do just focusing on their own goals, whilst sustainability is viewed a nice idea to think about in the quiet moment that never seems to happen. 

Our team of consultants are here to help your business develop the right strategies to become more sustainable, save money and feel good about playing your part in creating a better world. The team have all worked in industry and understand that change can be challenging, so we work hard to demystify sustainability, ditch the jargon, and find ways to embed new behaviours into an organisation. 

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Becoming more sustainable won’t happen overnight and it’s likely you’ll have more areas to focus on than you first anticipated. But remember, small, incremental adjustments can have a huge impact over time and will also go a long way to changing your culture, making future changes easier to implement.

Straighforward process


Our approach is straightforward and tailored to each client. It starts with a sustainability audit, using a simple checklist and a walk-through of your business. This identifies where you are now on your sustainability journey, your carbon footprint, and it will also highlight the most important next steps. 


We’ll use the audit findings to identify areas of improvement, deciding which should be areas of focus. Often these will be a combination of the easiest things to change and the areas with the biggest impact. This is where we help you to set targets and identify improvement projects. 


Throughout the whole process, it is essential to have one or more sustainability champions within your organisation, as well as a wider group who will help to manage change. 



Once you have completed the audit, set targets and decided on key projects, it’s time to share the findings with the stakeholders in your business, staff, suppliers, customers, and investors. We’ll help you create a simple sustainability report that shows where you are now and what you’re striving to achieve.


Finally, and like all good plans, we’ll arrange to review with you at appropriate times, to keep you on track and tweak the plan if needed. 


Measuring your carbon footprint

Measuring your carbon footprint is a core part of your sustainability planning, it will give you a benchmark to be able to start planning how you are going to reduce your emissions, as well as measuring your successes.

Whilst your business may not be legally required to report its CO2 emissions, you may have customers who are asking for this information from you. At The Sustainability Partnership, we use proprietary software for carbon reporting.


The software we use is guaranteed to be 100% compliant with all current legal requirements, giving you the confidence that your carbon reporting is accurate for all your stakeholders.


Integrating the software into your business will give you the benefit of live carbon footprint tracking, to measure progress throughout the year, make your annual report simpler to create, and its ease of use will allow you the time to focus on core activities.

Developing your plan


After completing your audit, you’ll have a score for each area, giving you an insight into where there are opportunities to focus your efforts. What’s possible for your business will depend on your individual circumstances.


Once you have reviewed the findings, you can identify quick wins that could be implemented easily, starting to reap the rewards of these changes immediately. You should also identify opportunities that fit into your current plans, such as planned changes to your building, where you could incorporate sustainable thinking.


The audit will also flag areas that may have been missed, particularly those that may have a large impact on your sustainability score.


Some of the challenges from the audit will have simple actions, using standard solutions, such as low energy bulbs, others will be more bespoke to your business and need some thought or longer-term planning. 


Your sustainability report


You don’t need to wait until you’ve made changes to develop a sustainability report. We’ll write a report that shows where your business is today, what targets you have for improvement, and the actions you are taking to achieve those targets. The report can be used in many ways, including in your marketing, your website, and social media, where you can share your results and celebrate your successes. 


The report will include all aspects of sustainability, including transport, waste & recycling, supply chain & procurement, energy, water, and social.

To get the ball rolling, please call or email us or fill in the contact form and we'll call you straight back.

For more information about the challenges we all face, take a look at our blog, where we look at the current issues around sustainability. We also have a live update on the UK's energy generation by fuel type, check out our Energy Dashboard page.

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